Did You Know this earlier about  Line-Reducing Flanges? 1

Did You Know this earlier about Line-Reducing Flanges?

There are wafer-type PTFE lined reducing flanges available along with threaded bolt holes and concentric bores. A custom-made solution can be developed for all the transitions lying between the nominal widths as per the client’s needs.

PTFE Lined Reducing Flanges can be supplied along with the Anti-static liners to avoid static build-up within pipes on installation. While we offer a wide range of sizes, we specialise in non-standard sizes.

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The paper and pulp industry, oil and gas industry, refinery and petrochemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, power generation facilities, and many more uses lined reduction flanges.

There is a wide variety of lined reducing flanges available in the market. Popular lined reducing flanges include PTFE lined reducing flanges, PFA lined reducing flanges, FEP lined reducing flanges, and plenty of other things.

What is a Reducing Flange?

Reducing flanges are used to change the size of a pipe. The larger pipe size (NPT) is represented by the prominent flange (dimensions), but the smaller pipe size is represented by a smaller diameter (NPT). Blind, slip-on, threaded, and weld neck designs are common for these flanges.

They come in a variety of pressure classes at info slot gacor and are a great way to connect two different pieces of pipe. Where a quick change, like at a pump, may generate undesired turbulence, this type of flange should not be used.

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Uses of Reducing Flanges:

■ Reducing flanges are used in pipe-to-pipe couplings.
■ Installing reducing flanges is easier than non-reducing flanges.
■ They are the finest option for connecting different sized flanges.
■ There is a range of materials and pressures available for these flanges.
■ Reducing flanges are secured by glueing, welding, or clamping the flanges with similar dimensions having different connecting components.
■ They are the easiest and most cost-effective way to connect two flanges of different sizes.

Type of Reducing Flanges:

The flange will have the bigger pipe size characteristics, with the exception of the bore and hub sizes. 3 types of Reducing flanges are available in the market:

■ Welding Neck flange
■ Slip-On flange
■ Threaded flange

The most essential feature of reducing flanges is that they provide a low-cost means of connecting pipes of various sizes.

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Weld Neck and Slip-On:

Connect the flange sides that match the pipe’s bigger diameter to complete the welding procedure. For the smaller pipe, repeat the welding process on the other side of the decreasing flange. Both diameters of pipes have now been linked by the reduction technique. Take the necessary steps ensuring the inside diameters on both sides of the pipes are completely aligned with the ID of the flange.

Threaded Flange:

Firstly, thread any size pipe through one of the flange’s openings. Assemble the pipe such that the desired depth is achieved inside the flange. Replace the pipe with the opposite side and repeat the process.

After threading, the weld is done on the exterior of the pipe to reinforce the connection in high-pressure and high-temperature situations.

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