Dip Pipe
Dip Pipe
  • Standard:
    Mounting with reducing flange or step reducer
  • Raw material:
    Pure PTFE in compliance with ASTM D 1457, white in colour
  • Operating temperature:
    Up to 200Deg C
  • Operating pressure:
    Vacuum to 6 kg / cm. sq.
  • Spark test:
  • Optional Features:
    Customized flange sizes
A dip pipe is used to introduce fluid reactants into the reactor. It is principally made of a metal core (carbon steel / stainless steel), and is lined from the inside as well as the outside with PTFE extrusion liner; hence all contact surface is lined with PTFE and is resistant to corrosion.
They are usually straight and are long enough to dip inside the process chemical inside the reactor in a normal condition. However, customized shapes, designs and lengths are possible, to suit the client’s requirement.
Dual flange design of dip pipe is provided as a standard model. This eliminates the need of a reducer to be placed on top of dip pipe for further connection, since most of the times, the nozzle size of reactor is different from the line size.
Dip pipes are available in size range 1″NB up to 4″NB with vessel flanges available up to 24″NB




  • Leak proof and Impeccable design
  • Fine finish and having all wetted parts in PTFE gives excellent corrosion resistance
  • Unique jointless PTFE construction for prolonged service
  • Perfectly suited for vessel with agitator
  • Angular spool option for tilting up to 20 Deg.
  • Broad range of optional features are available to meet your process requirements. These include divertors, extended flares, sparger, anti-siphon holes, etc
  • Typically used in chemical manufacture and precious metal refining processes.
  • Used to charge a liquid or gas into a reactor below the liquid level often in a specific zone
  • Some applications rely on Dip pipes to extract samples from the reactor as part of a sampling system or to drain liquid from a vessel without the need of side or bottom outlet.


  • Chemical Industry
  • Power Generation Plants
  • Pharma Industry
  • Agro-Chemical Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Paper & Pulp Industry
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Refining Industry

2D Drawing

Dip Pipe 2


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