PTFE High Pressure Bellow
PTFE High Pressure Bellow
  • Flange:
    ASTM Two pieces of carbon steel flanges with epoxy one coated; stainless steel is available on request.JIS 10K or DIN is available either
  • Adjustment Screw:
    Three piece screw with zinc plated supporting rings volume =con.-1,carbon steel with chrome plating
  • Lining:
    PTFE in compliance with ASTM F1545-97


DND1D2DLP.C.DØ d*nHHoles for Chuck
25432890607010*310Ø 10*3
405738110658610*310Ø 10*3
506952120659810*310Ø 10*3
8098791546513310*610Ø 10*3
1001321072006517810*610Ø 10*2
1501851632766525411*910Ø 10*3
2252582223507031011*813Ø 11*4
3003402994227039511*1215Ø 11*4


  • PTFE Bellow Provide safe passage of pipeline from the main glass equipments reduce the transfer of vibration from the rotation equipments connected to the glass assembly
  • Withstands higher pressures and temperatures
  • Ideal for installation where space limitations are a factor
  • Available in two, three and five convolution construction
  • Lightweight design
  • Corrosion resistant


They can be used to compensate for:

  • Movement, Misalignment, Axial Travel
  • Angular Deflection, and or Vibration in Piping Systems

2D Drawing

PTFE High Pressure Bellow 2